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what is this?

In June of 2007 Japanese breakfast television introduced a new web site, called nounai me-ka-, or Brain Insides Maker. I had a play with it, enjoyed it a lot, even blogged about it, and watched it become a raging success. I then got thinking about how to bring it to the English-speaking public. Since it used kanji to represent the brain states, I had to think of a different method that didn't require years of study in order to understand. Finally, I hit on the idea of making it smilie-based.

so, what do the smilies mean?

What do you want them to mean? Following the best traditions of other fortune-telling techniques such as astrology or Tarot card reading, it is best to be vague in order to allow the person receiving the divination to fill in the gaps. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, I don't really know myself what some of the icons represent!

can I advertise here?

Of course! If you wish to get your name in lights on this fast-growing site, please contact me at kenyn (at sign) and we can talk about pricing, etc. Traffic information can be found at Quantcast and Alexa.

who am I

I'm Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson. My primary blogging "job" is at What Japan Thinks, a labour of love to educate the masses about what Japan really is like. If you want to contact me regarding this site, please email kenyn (at sign) and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

and this is my brain

about japanese emoticons

If you'd like to learn more about these smilies that Japanese and other Asian cultures seem to frequently use, I can recommend viewing the top thirty Japanese emoticons used in computer-based email.